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Advanced Programs



In this lesson, students will have the 

opportunity to explore evolutionary conservation at the genomic and protein levels.  Throughout the module, they will use advanced online scientific search tools and databases combined with modern molecular biology equipment.

Genome Editing.png

Biotechnology and genome modifications

This lesson delves into concepts surrounding modern biomedical researchers, including the ethics surrounding genomic editing and modifications.



Transformation is an activity developed to help students explore the process of moving genes from one organism to another using genetic transformation. This lab also explores the use of the scientific method.


BioBits - The Central Dogma

The BioBits™ cell-free system was developed by a group of synthetic biologists to help students learn biology by doing biology.  Learn about DNA and how it makes proteins by making your own fluorescent proteins and more! BioBits™ reactions are easy to set up, user-friendly, and inexpensive, making it possible to do molecular and synthetic biology anywhere.

Cell Division.png

3 M's - Microscopy, Mitosis, and Meiosis

This lab uses microscopy to visualize the stages of mitosis using prepared fluorescent slides. It also digs into a comparison between mitosis and meiosis.

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