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(Science Program And Research Coach)

Throughout our years of science outreach and community service, no matter the geographic location or socioeconomic position, we observe a consistent need for rigorous, real-world science curricula that not only meet state and national science standards, but also provide relevant work-based experiences. Almost universally, at its core, students lack sufficient access to up-to-date hands-on science learning opportunities that connect to current and emerging STEM careers.  To help address these service gaps, and with the goal of offering any person, regardless of age, gender, or income level, the opportunity to engage in scientific and career exploration through hands-on activities, we are launching a Mobile Science Program we call SPARC (Science Program And Research Coach).


Bringing biomedical science directly to schools

SPARC will consist of a branded commercial cargo van wrapped in biomedically-themed artwork containing all of the necessary equipment and supplies to engage participants with experiential learning, using advanced scientific equipment, to better understand the world of biomedical science. SPARC will allow us to engage schools, communities, and OST programs with educational programs that contribute to the development of 21st century skills while strengthening the regional talent pipeline.  


Our program will allow participants to:

  •  Engage with hands-on, fun, and exciting science activities

  •  Learn how biomedical research impacts our lives everyday

  •  Use modern, real-world equipment

  •  Explore career options within this field

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